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400KVA/320KW Brushless Alternator
400KVA/320KW Brushless Alternator
400KVA/320KW Brushless Alternator
400KVA/320KW Brushless Alternator
400KVA/320KW Brushless Alternator
400KVA/320KW Brushless Alternator

400KVA/320KW Brushless Alternator

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400KVA/320KW Brushless Alternator

BYG  Series Brushless AC synchronous Alternator


1. Optional permanent magnetic alternator, provide invariable excitation in any situation.

2. Easy to be connected with power network or other alternators. Standard 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral current.

3. Dynamically balanced rotors, with single or two sealed ball bearings.

4. Simple installation and maintenance with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts.

5. Wide range of flange adaptor and single bearing coupling disc.

6. Built to conform to all leading industrial and marine standards.

Electrical Character

Excitation system: The main stator supplies power to exciter stator via Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). 

The output of exciter rotor is fed to the main rotor through a three phase full wave rectifier. 

There are varistors at the both ends of the rectifier for restraining surge voltage and avoiding the impact caused by short circuit or parallel synchronization loss.

Exciter stator is equipped with permanent magnetic steel in order to start up the alternator smoothly in any occasion.

Unbalanced load

1. The alternators permit an unbalanced load of 25% rated current. The deviation of line voltage is less than 5% Dynamic voltage characteristics.

2. The transient dip in voltage when rated load is placed on the alternators at 0.8 power factor is 20%Un. The recovery time is between 0.2 and 1.0 second.


Short time load rating of up to 150% of the rated current in 2 minutes.

The alternators can carry a load of 110% for one hour in six.

Insulation & Immersion

Insulation class H.

All wound components are made up with specialized material and immersed in varnish by especially technology.

Resin matrix material is developed to strengthen the process and machinery intensity of windings and revolving parts for the alternator working under harsh environment.

Windings and electric features

Standard 2/3 pitch windings design can eliminate the triple frequency harmonics on the voltage waveform which is the optimum design for trouble-free supply of non-linear loads.

Connected with the network in parallel, the structure can restrain excessive currents in the midline.

A fully damp winding reduces oscillations during paralleling.

This winding, with 2/3pitch and carefully selected pole and tooth designs, ensures very low waveform distortion.

Phone interference

THF (defined by BS4999 Part 40) is less than 2%.

TIF (defined by ASA C50.12) is less than 50.

Radio interference

Brushless apparatus and high quality AVR ensure little radio interference in transmission.

Additional RFI suppression may be supplier if required.

Physical features

1. Shaft & key

All alternator’s rotors are dynamically balanced to better than BS6861: Part 1 Grade 2.5 for minimum vibration in operation.

Two bearing alternators are balanced with a half key.

2. Wiring terminal and terminal box

Standard alternator is 3 phase re-connectable to 12 ends brought out to the terminals, which are mounted on a cover at the non-drive end of the alternator.

A sheet steel terminal box contains the AVR and provides ample space for customer’s wiring and gland arrangements.

It has removable panel easy access.

3. Adaptors &Couplings

The alternator is available in single and double bearing construction to meet the SAE standard, and also we can supply special adaptor.

Enclosure &Cooling

IP22, IP23 is standard for all industrial and marine generators.

High efficiency single rotation fan is equipped at the drive end, bring the air through non-drive end to the generator, then transpire form the drive end.

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